Charity Dinner Report

The Friends of Indonesia wishes to thank all those who participated in the recent Mt. Sinabung Charity Dinner. We have 62 people attending the event, including all dancers and dedicated volunteers, whom FOI wishes to thank wholeheartedly. Judging from the feedback received it was obviously a fun and successful event, even though small glitches here and there could not be avoided. We had a good mix of attendees, from business people, students, retirees, co-operators, as well as academicians, coming from both the Canadian and Indonesian communities. The keynote speech of H.E. Dienne Moehario, Ambassador of Indonesia to Canada, was succinct in substance, and praised by the audience.

Most encouraging is the fact that we have been able to optimize our contribution to the victims of Mount Sinabung in the amount of Canadian $ 2,650.00 following the event. Financial records are being kept in a transparent and accountable manner, and following the last meeting of the event organizer with coordinators of the FOI on 4th of April we came up with the following computation.

Please download this file for detail.

Mr. Jonathan Ginting, who has been designated by FOI to select two command posts at Mt. Sinabung, will provide us with a detailed report about the areas most in need of in-kind contributions, corresponding to the two command posts. FOI will have every detail required by the Command Posts that will ensure that contributions will reach the most vulnerable victims. Contribution will be in the form of goods, such as rice, instant noodles, blankets etc., hence not in the form of cash. This will ensure that our contribution will be well utilized based on their felt and actual needs, and be transparently recorded.


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