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About FOI (Friends of Indonesia)

The Friends of Indonesia (FOI) is a non-profit and non-religious organization. The FOI was founded in January 1997. The Friends of Indonesia was originally called the “Canadian Indonesian Society“, and it was changed in February 2007. Members of the FOI consist of Indonesians, who live in Canada, alongside Canadians, who had lived in Indonesia and/or those who have connections, or sympathize, with Indonesia.


The initiative to establish this organization came from the former Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Benjamin Parwoto, in January 1997. Due to circumstances which followed the financial crisis, the organization became increasingly dormant. With the encouragement of the Embassy of Indonesia, the organization was re-established in December 2006 under the name of the The Friends of Indonesia, when Ambassador Djoko Hardono took the initiative to host a Charitable Golf Tournament for the Yogyakarta Relief Effort. Since then, the The Friends of Indonesia became more active in planning and undertaking social and charitable events.


The The Friends of Indonesia is dedicated to support or conduct any activity that will create a better understanding of Indonesia and about the importance of Indonesia-Canada relationships.The The Friends of Indonesia is also dedicated to support or conduct any activity that will benefit socio-economic development and academic achievements of the Indonesian people, especially for the less privileged.


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