The 4th annual Friends of Indonesia golf tournament

The Organizing Committee would like to report that the 4th annual Friends of Indonesia golf tournament which was held on September 12, 2011 raised $3260.00 from golf, dinner and the silent auction.  We had 19 golf players and an additional 8 people for dinner. After paying the Canadian Golf and Country Club for greens fees, golf carts and dinner and the purchase of prizes and sandwiches, and including the small amount already in the FOI bank account, we had a balance of $1530.74 available for distribution to charities. The Organizing Committee decided to contribute $1000 to Mercy Ships for its voluntary medical and health services program and $400 to Plan Canada for its Indonesia school books program, reflecting the balance of the players at the tournament.  This leaves $130.74 in the FOI bank account to support the development of future FOI fund raising events.

RIM Finally Want to Invest in Indonesia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, After going through government lobbying efforts, the manufacturer of BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM) is finally willing to invest in Indonesia. This Canadian company committed to investing in the software field in Indonesia. Memorandum of understanding for this investment will be signed next November.

For an initial investment in Indonesia, RIM plans to build a research center in Indonesia through cooperation with several universities.

"RIM vice president told me he would invest in Indonesia soon," said Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa after receiving a delegation of RIM in the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, on Monday (3 / 10). Coordinating Minister Hatta intentions were invited to build a research center was soon realized. In a meeting with the Indonesian government was, RIM delegation also asked about the business climate of Indonesia.

Not long ago, Indonesia was made public frustrated because RIM to build a factory in Malaysia. In fact, from the number of users of RIM’s products, Indonesia is not exactly a small market. Later, according to Hatta, the delegation RIM did not actually invest in Malaysia, but working with a company.

While RIM conducted in Indonesia this is “real” investment. Hatta see RIM do not know how much Indonesia has done something major changes in building competitiveness, ranging from fiscal reforms to reform the tax facility.

Indonesian Delegation visits Canada Sept 2011

Indonesian Delegation, which consisted of the members of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economic Affairs, the Coordinating Board for Investment, Representative from Power Plant Company of Indonesia and Indonesian entrepreneurs, visited Canada in mid-September 2011. This visit that was led by the Deputy Coordinating Minister for the Economic Affairs of Indonesia, Edy Putra Irawady shows encouraging results and brings hope from Canada to Indonesia.

Research in Motion (RIM), which manufactures BlackBerry came straight to visit the Coordinating Minister for the Economic Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta to convey their intention to invest in Indonesia. RIM intentions to invest had actually also been mentioned in the meeting when the Indonesian Delegation visited RIM in Waterloo on September 21, 2011. According to one of the members of RIM, who participated in the meeting, the visit to RIM and the fruitful discussion, which was led by Edy Putra Irawady has made the investment climate in Indonesia more conducive and attractive.

In addition, in the field of electricity energy, Canadian entrepreneurs such as, SNC Lavalin, Biothermica Technologies Inc., Brookfiled Power & Utilities Group, Robert Hydraulique Inc., and Sunjaya Solar Corporation has also conveyed their intentions to immediately invest in Indonesia. It was mentioned after the Representative from PLN, Suroso Isnandar, explained various investment opportunities in the field of electricity energy in Indonesia. The companies will soon visit Indonesia in the coming months in order to follow-up their intentions.

Export Development Corporation (EDC) of Canada welcomes the visit of the Indonesian Delegation and encourages the Canadian investors in the field of electricity energy to invest in Indonesia. The Representative of EDC said that EDC is ready to assist Canadian companies to invest in Indonesia.

Bamboo Musical (Angklung) performances of Mang Ujo Group conducted at Hillcrest High School on September 20th, 2011, was attended by about 650 students consisted of three different schools. The group performances were greeted with full enthusiasm from the students and the teachers. The Principal of Hillcrest HS, Reg Laverg
ne, said that his school will have a program to visit Indonesia (Bali) in order to provide opportunities for the students to broaden their general knowledge. This Program to visit Indonesia will be conducted by the school in cooperation with the Edutrati Inc.

Muslim fashion of Indonesia has also been promoted during this visit. There are about 500 thousand Muslims live in Canada. And therefore, there is a potential market for this product. Almost all of the products were worn by the models during the Fashion Show were purchased after the event at the Ottawa Convention Centre on September 19th, 2011.

Annual Charitable Golf Tournament 2011

Support the ongoing education of the less fortunate children.

There can be no better investment in children future, than to enable the provision of good education to equip them for adult life with a good career or jobs prospects.

Annual Charitable Golf Tournament 2011

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1st Fundraising Gala Night


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