Charity Dinner Report

The Friends of Indonesia wishes to thank all those who participated in the recent Mt. Sinabung Charity Dinner. We have 62 people attending the event, including all dancers and dedicated volunteers, whom FOI wishes to thank wholeheartedly. Judging from the feedback received it was obviously a fun and successful event, even though small glitches here and there could not be avoided. We had a good mix of attendees, from business people, students, retirees, co-operators, as well as academicians, coming from both the Canadian and Indonesian communities. The keynote speech of H.E. Dienne Moehario, Ambassador of Indonesia to Canada, was succinct in substance, and praised by the audience.

Most encouraging is the fact that we have been able to optimize our contribution to the victims of Mount Sinabung in the amount of Canadian $ 2,650.00 following the event. Financial records are being kept in a transparent and accountable manner, and following the last meeting of the event organizer with coordinators of the FOI on 4th of April we came up with the following computation.

Please download this file for detail.

Mr. Jonathan Ginting, who has been designated by FOI to select two command posts at Mt. Sinabung, will provide us with a detailed report about the areas most in need of in-kind contributions, corresponding to the two command posts. FOI will have every detail required by the Command Posts that will ensure that contributions will reach the most vulnerable victims. Contribution will be in the form of goods, such as rice, instant noodles, blankets etc., hence not in the form of cash. This will ensure that our contribution will be well utilized based on their felt and actual needs, and be transparently recorded.


14 dead, 3 injured as Mt Sinabung erupts

At least 14 people were killed, while three others were severely injured die to pyroclastic clouds emitted by Mount Sinabung in Karo regency, North Sumatra, on Saturday.

As of Saturday evening, the bodies of the 14 fatalities had all been transported from a number of areas in Suka Meriah village, which is located within a 3-kilometer radius of the volcano, while three others had yet to be found, Mt. Sinabung Eruption Media Center head Jhonson Tarigan told The Jakarta Post.

Rescuers, he added, had to stop the evacuation process due to fears of more eruptions. Currently, the evacuation zone is between 5 and 7 km on the southeast slope of the volcano.

Among the fatalities identified were Alexander Sembiring, student; Daud Surbakti, 17, student; David, 17, student; Dipa Nusantara, 17, student; Mahal Sembiring, 25, elementary school teacher; Rizal Sahputera, 23, journalist; Santun Siregar, 25, university student; Teken Sembiring, 47; Daniel Siagian, student; Julpiandi Mori, 21, student; Tomas Lakae, 27.

The injured residents were Sehat Sembiring, 48; Surya Sembiring, 21; and Doni Milala, 60. The three were believed to have been visiting a family grave and their abandoned homes when the volcano erupted.

Before the Saturday incident, the ongoing eruptions had already claimed the lives of 31 evacuees, as a result of various illnesses such as breathing difficulties, depression, asthma and hypertension.

Go to The Jakarta Post for more detailed information.

Mt. Sinabung eruptions threaten endangered species

The Mount Sinabung eruptions in Karo regency have not only had an adverse impact on the local economy, but also on the rare wildlife surviving around the mountain as well as the traditional customs of the surrounding communities.

Among the rare animals that descended from the mountain was a clouded leopard, which was found dead in a chili farm in Kuta Gugung village, a 10-meter long python, which descended on Payung village, located within a 4-kilometer radius of the volcano and a Sumatran serow, which was found in Beras Tepu village in Simpang Empat district, North Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) reported.

Based on the data at the North Sumatra BKSDA in 1990, only 32 Sumatran serow were documented living in the wild both in the Bukit Barisan mountain range region and the Bukit Batabur protected forest in Riau.

According to North Sumatra BKSDA head Istanto, the rare species is believed to have descended from the Mt. Sinabung because of increased volcanic activity or due to a lack of food. Villagers said that the animal was still alive when it was found on Jan. 17, but was in a weakened condition. The villagers found the Sumatran serow sitting feebly behind a house next to a farm.

Go to The Jakarta Post for detailed information.

Mount Sinabung Charity Dinner

For the benefit of victims of Mount Sinabung volcanic eruption, Friend of Indonesia will conduct charitable dinner as mentioned in the poster below.

For more information, please contact:

Ria Arthurs (613-832-3779 or 613-668-6843)

Mount Sinabung Charity Dinner
Mount Sinabung Charity Dinner

Joyful and Peaceful New Year Celebrations all across Indonesia


From Biak in Papua to Medan in Sumatra, fireworks, fiestas and excitement brightened up many parts of the archipelago as Indonesia bade farewell to 2011 and welcomed 2012 with colorful celebrations.

Just as Christmas was spent in peace and devotion, so this New Year’s Eve was enjoyed by all amidst the country’s peaceful conditions.

The crowds that filled the Imam Bonjol street in Biak, Papua, were among the first to joyfully sound their paper trumpets, lighting up fire-crackers as  this Eastern Indonesia Time region stepped into 2012 ahead of its Central and Western Indonesia Time neighbors. The heavy rain that poured down on the city of Jayapura, did not stop the enthusiasm of the people as the capital of Papua Province celebrated the turn of the year.

In Manado, capital of North Sulawesi, an hour of nonstop fireworks from multiple corners of the city lit up the nightsky reaching its grand finale with simultaneous fireworks as the clock struck midnight Central Indonesia Time. Crowds flocked to major streets of the city, especially at the Boulevard area where the fireworks fiesta was centered. The governor of North Sulawesi and the Mayor of Manado and several government officials attended the vibrant celebration. While in Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi, no less than 10.000 people thronged onto the beautiful Losari Beach, sounding their car horns and trumpets together as the countdown ended.

On the fabled island of Bali, locals and tourists mixed in vibrant celebration at favorite spots around the island such as at Kuta Beach, the Bali Bomb Monument, and Denpasar. In Denpasar, capital of Bali, celebrations were held at the Puputan I Gusti Made Ngurah Agung Field, Simpang Enam and several locations along the Teuku Umar Street.

The skies of Yogyakarta on Java sparkled with colorful fireworks, as the clock on Western Indonesia Time hit 00:00 on January 1st, 2012. Thousands of people, tourists and locals alike filled the area around Malioboro Street as they excitedly waited for the countdown. Aside from Malioboro, fireworks displays were also held at Tugu Yogyakarta, Zero Kilometer point near the Central Post Office, the North Square, and at the South Square.

Never ending sounds of trumpets and firecrackers highlighted Jakarta, as the metropolitan capital welcomed the coming of the year 2012. Situated right in the heart of Jakarta, The National Monument or Monas once again became main gathering place as people collectively shouted the countdown to New Year and watched exploding fireworks. Colorful fireworks were also launched from the shores of Ancol as crowds were also entertained with various musical performances.

The turn of the year was also celebrated in major cities of Sumatra, such as at Bandarlampung, Medan, Palembang, and Banda Aceh. In Bandarlampung, aside from the usual fireworks and musical stages, the turn of  the year was highlighted with a unique festival featuring the island’s renowned fruit: the Durian. Taking place at the Saburai Sports Building, the festival gave the audience to taste more than 10,000 durians as they waited for the coming of the New Year.  In Medan, as the countdown to 2012 ended, the exploding sound of fireworks launched reverberated from Taman Sri Deli. Minutes later the skies of Medan shone with ever changing colors and formations of fireworks as the crowds clapped and roared in amazement.

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